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  • low carbon dioxide emission during burning process, without smoke produce     
  • burning efficiency: as wood                         
  • little ash content
  • no greasiness or unpleasant smell
  • easy and tidy storage
  • economy



Pellet is one of the most efficient, renewable green fuels, produced from biomass.

Our pellet is made from wood sawdust without synthetics – the raw material of the best quality.

It is fully ecological fuel. Some manufacturers use straw, reed, leaves, conifer needles or hay to produce pellet. It is also an ecological one, yet in that case, has lower energy efficiency.

And what about ash?
After burning 1 ton of pellet only a few kilogrammes of ash is formed – depending on the pellet’s quality. For comparison, after burning 1 ton of coal: it is 40kg, when it comes to eco-pea coal: 80-90kg of ash left. What’s more, pellet’s ash can be used as a natural fertilizer in a backyard garden.



Using pellet as a fuel is just something that pays off. Energy prices are constantly growing.
The production of 1kWh of energy
Costs comparison of producing 1kWh of energy shows that it is straw to be the cheapest fuel. The following one is coal and the third position is taken by pellet and wood equally. It is far cheaper to gas, heating oil or electricity.
The cost of heating 1m3 of water from 0 to 90 degrees.
Results are the same as above. Unbeatable in its price remains the straw, which is being followed by coal, wood and pellet, before any other energy sources.

Nevertheless, taking all the drawbacks of burning straw into account (labour-consumption, dirt, pollution, smokiness) and unpleasant odours associated with burning coal, it is pellet that remains the cheapest solution when it comes to juxtapositioning economy & comfort.


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Our offer

We are a company with 100% of Polish capital. We produce 2500 tons of wooden pellet every month.
We have been on the Polish market since 2002.
We produce wood pellet for:
home use, public use, and also industrial use – for enterprises.

Premium pellet | for home use and public properties

Product with DIN plus certificateDin plus

DIN plus certificate


15 kg bag

Multi-pack comprises of a pallet 80x120 (cm)
On the pallet there are 65 bags in 15 layers 5 bags each
Weight: 975 kg
Height: 180cm

20 kg bag

Multi-pack comprises of a pallet 100 x 120 (cm)
On the pallet there are 50 bags in 10 layers 5 bags each
Weight: 1.000 kg (1 tona)
Height: 170 cm

Every pallet is wrapped with stretch-foil.

BIG-BAG (tzw. kontenery elastyczne)
It is one big bag size 90x90 cm and the height of 170cm.
In bulk
- For loading dump trucks and silos

Economic pellet | for large heating systems

Method of packaging:​

  • 20kg bag
  • Big-bag
  • In bulk


We have our own transport and we co-operate with the forwarding companies. We provide transportation throughout Poland and EU countries.

See how we produce pellet